January 26, 2020

Decode meaning of 25 emoji icons that we use daily

Are you no stranger to emojis, emoticons when using social networks or messaging apps? Even if you use them hundreds of times a day, you don’t necessarily know what they mean. So let’s find out in this article.

According to MakeUseOf, the Unicode Association always notes the meaning of emojis, but it is not always used in that sense. In each individual community, an emoji can mean many different things.

This is 25 emojis used that we use every day.

1. Emoji fun

Smiling face

Smiling faces with smiling eyes are the most commonly emojis used. Their meaning is simply joy and positivity. On the contrary, this emoji sometimes means “disdain” or “slight insult”.


These emojis also have a positive, happy meaning similar to the two smileys above. However, the act of opening your teeth to show great happiness, extremely positive and rarely used to offend or despise.

Smile a little sweaty teeth

This emoticon also has a positive meaning but something is relieved. Messages with this emoji often show joy about an event, some “slightly unhappy” action, such as passing a test very difficult or late, but at the end of the year the homeroom teacher still gives good conduct.

Laughing with tears

You can use this emoji instead of laughing out loud, or “LOL” (Laugh out loud), when someone plays a joke.

Rolling on the floor laughing

This emoji is used to replace “ROFL” (Rolling on the floor laughing).

Reverse smiley face

A smiling face indicates that you are serious or telling a bland, meaningless story.

Stupid Face (Zany Face)

Use this emoji for silly things but that is also funny things.

Smileys with glasses

This face refers to being calm, joking, or like “accept it”.

Blushing face

The face shows confusion for an awkward or embarrassing situation when praised by others.

Smiling face because so nice or delicious

Use this emoji when looking at a nice or delicious food

Nerd Face

A face that shows intelligence or passion in a certain field, or sometimes an unexpected result you cannot predict.

“Radiating stars” on smiley face

This emoticon as facebook icon means extremely excited in something or wants to be famous, for example, to meet your lover, singer or something you really like.

Party dining

Use it to congratulate an event, like your graduation, wedding or birthday.

2. Emoji flirt, affectionate


Many people use this emoji with a sense of contempt, but in fact this face has a strong sexual desire because it often goes with the words “solicit ***”.


This face is often accompanied by messages that the sender deems funny. Don’t be too serious in this face-text message. Similar to smirk, blink are often accompanied by flirtations or suggestions.

Face with tongue out

Similar to the   emojis blink , these faces sticking out their tongues show humor.

 Face relieved

As the name implies, this emoji is used to show relief, often content. You can also use it to respond to an invitation, showing innocence or apathy.

Smileys with halo

This face is meant to be serious or humorous, for example when you send a text to a friend telling that you’re home to enjoy Friday night.

Evil face

These two purple faces often show mischief.

Kiss on face

The four faces with a kissing mouth all refer to romance or affection, especially the “drop heart” face thanks to the extra red heart. Three faces without hearts can also be used to mean “I’m innocent. I don’t understand what you say”.

“Heart radiating” smiley face

Smiling face with heart eyes expresses love, so adorable and thanks. You can use it with a lovely person, place or anything.

Want to hug

Listen to the name alone is enough, you can “hug” others with this emoji if you can not meet.

3. Negative Emoji

Expressionless face

These two emojis are meant to show an emotionless purpose, such as replying to a message that boring or difficult to respond to.

Depressed face

This face shows expressionless or suspicious, a negative but subtle feeling rather than being really angry. For example, if you suspect why your loved come  late, use this emoji.

I have already talked about meaning of 25 emojis. After reading this article, hoping you know the way to use all 25 emojis above. Your life will be more happy to received or give to many different emojis every day, aren’t you? Please don’t forget to follow other nice article from this Web!

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