January 26, 2020

Facebook Unveils Major App Redesign With Focus on Groups

Facebook icon unveiled a redesign that focuses on the Groups feature of its main social network, doubling down on a successful but controversial part of its namesake app — and another sign that Facebook is moving toward more private, intimate communication.

The changes come as Facebook tries to move past two years of constant scandals, from the social network’s role in spreading hate speech that fueled genocide in Myanmar to Cambridge Analytica’s misappropriation of tens of millions of users’ data.

The changes, announced Tuesday at the annual F8 conference in San Jose, California, make Groups a bigger part of the Facebook user experience. A new design for the mobile app highlights the Groups that users have joined, and now shows a personalized feed of activity across all the groups people are part of in a special tab. The service long known as the “big blue app” is also getting a color change — it will be framed in white instead of the company’s traditional hue.At the event of F8 happened in the previous week, Facebook declared the plan to redesign the app on the basis of Smartphone with the simple and delicate interface.

CEO Facebook- Mark Zuckerberg revealed: The familiar app does not have a green colour, and this arouses curiosity for many users but the new interface isnt very popular for many users because it is under experimental experience.

The familiar blue ocean Facebook icon has been changed to blue.

While many people wait for the new interface, other people partly understand the saying of Mark Zuckerberg:’’ The familiar Facebook app does not have green colour’’

Specifically, some Facebook users said: After updating the lattest version of app on the basis of iOS ( iPhone,iPad), the icon interface of Facebook has changed the blue ocean into the sky blue, and the colour is bright and eye-catching. When you watch carefully, the symbol of ‘f’ is fit and put in the center of icon

The company is even rolling out specific features for different types of groups. For example, members in health-related groups can ask the group administrator to post on their behalf to better protect their privacy. Facebook is also adding more chat features for groups focused on gaming.A crucial aspect of the redesign will be an emphasis on groups, which are among the most active parts of the Facebook universe. More than 400 million people are in “meaningful groups,” on Facebook, Zuckerberg said. They also happen to be where the company has been focusing much of its attention for the last several years. Zuckerberg said the goal is to make “communities as central as friends” to the Facebook experience.This also fits in with the company’s new mission to shift to become more of a “living room” instead of a “town square.” “This redesign makes it easy for people to go from public spaces to more private ones, like Groups,” the company said in its announcement. Groups will be more easily accessible in a new tab at the top of the app and site. The platform will be surfacing group suggestions for users across all of its features, like it does for shows on Facebook Watch.

“It has a much bigger focus on communities and making communities as central as friends,” Zuckerberg said.The CEO opened his remarks by reiterating Facebook’s plan to build a privacy-focused social platform. “We don’t have the strongest reputation on privacy right now,” he said. “We need to change the way we’re running the company today.”The company said in a blog post. “With this in mind, we’re rolling out a fresh new design for Facebook that’s simpler and puts your communities at the center. We’re also introducing new tools that will help make it easier for you to discover and engage with groups of people who share your interests.”

Groups, which can be public or private on the social network, can be used to help keep long-distance friends in touch, connect people with similar interests or passions, and organize events. Facebook is also making it easier to discover new Groups based on users’ interests, and will recommend relevant groups to people when they are in other parts of the app, like Marketplace, the Gaming tab and its Watch video service. People will also be able to share content directly to their Groups from the share button on the main News Feed, the same way they do with friends and family, Facebook said.

Zuckerberg emphasized that it won’t suggest groups that share misinformation. More generally, Facebook will be cracking down on groups that engage in violence, although he gave little information on how it would be doing this.

Fidji Simo, the new head of the Facebook app, added that you’ll also be able to save your spot in your newsfeed while scrolling, and that the company was adding dark mode for the desktop version of the platform.The company will also be creating an even greater delineation between its main Facebook platform and Facebook Messenger, when it launches a new desktop app for Messenger on both Mac and PC later in the year.The changes will be immediately visible on the Facebook app, and will be rolled out to the desktop app over the next several


The majority of users receiving the update said: Facebook does not mention the change of colour in the introductory part, it just mention the version including the restoration of prepared message, and users remember to update the app on a regular basis in order for Facebook to bring more experience for users.Mark Zuckerberg- CEO Facebook revealed in the previous week, the next updated will be the version recognizing the biggest change in the history of Facebook, including the lay-out in white colour, the green menu bar will be deleted completely and centered on the two aspects: group and event.Get rid of the boring blue theme of Facebook with Color Changer for Facebook. They created this extension to make it easy for you to change the color to your preferences with multiple themes and options.

Facebook is making a concerted effort to ensure groups are visible in every part of the app, so it’ll start promoting groups in areas like Marketplace and Watch. It’s also building specific tools tailored to group types, like a new listing format for groups focused on finding new jobs or buying buttons built into live broadcasts for groups that focus on selling used products. With the new design, the company says you’ll also be able to post to any group you’re a part of from the News Feed as if you were posting to your own profile.

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