January 26, 2020

Instructions on how to install the emotion and icon sticker on Facebook

Sending text messages or writing status by normal text has become more boring on Facebook. So, to meet the need of expressing users’s feelings clearly, Facebook has published the collection of icons and interesting emotional icons. However, Not all symbols is available on Facebook. So. You have to know how to install adorable icons

This writing is for those using Facebook on computer. If you use smartphones, this writing is not helpful for you. Let’’s see: some tips on Facebook with the use of Smartphone. Is any tip useful for you?

Nowadays, text mesages, writing status and comment with the emotional icons has become more familiar for Facebook users. Even on the soacial networking sites like Twitter, Zalo.. are also furnished with the collection of unique icons. It not only brings smiley face or cute animals but it also helps the conversation become hospitable ànd interesting.

The following writing include 3 parts:

  • How to install Facebook icons
  • How to add more stickers on Facebook
  • Some background information about sticker and Facebook icons



To install facebook icons, follow some steps:

  • First, you download Facemoji Sticjers and emo. This app is only used for Google chrome and Crom
  • Then, when the window opens, enter ‘’ add into Chrome’’. The installment will automatically stop’ Your computer will ask whether or not you add into Chrome’ You just enter’’ ADD’’ to íntall


  • After downloading the app, shut down the app and open again. Now, you facebook page at the Comment item, Facebook status and chat box will automatically have Facebook icons.
  • So, you have downloaded and installed a wide variety of interesting Facebook icons quickly and simply. We just open chat box and status, and then add these simples. We will have a more interesting text.
  1. How to add stickers on Facebook


Besides Facebook icons, stickers are also the utility of popular interest for teenagers. These stickers are divided into some themes, concrete characters and the noticeable thing is a variety of expressions

To install these icons variously, follow these steps:

  • Open the chat box and enter the sybol of smiley face
  • Open the chat box and enter the symbol’’+’’ or the image of to come to the store of stickers. Chat box also has Facebook icons which you have downloaded
  • At the store of facebook stickers, you can choose emotional stickers to use on facebook. Then, you enter the ‘’ foresee’’ if you want to watch fully emotional stickers or enter ‘’FREE’’ to download and wait for few minutes to complete the process
  • Finally, you will see the collection of new stickers added to Chat box after completeing the installment. If you have downloaded facebook stickers unsatisfactorily, you can delete them by coming into the store and find the collection of sticker and enter ‘’ DELETE’’

Faceemoji is the interesting utility which is avalable on the store of Google Chrome. It helps you to send interesting stickers and expressions for friends when chatting or to easliy addinteresting icons when writing status and comments on Facebook

The following functions of Facemoji:

  • There are more 200 emoji and emotional stickers
  • The receiver do not need to install but can see stickers
  • The utility is free
  • Using stickers when chatting in groups
  • Using for the personal account and page

Facebook Stickers – the cute, cartoonish images Facebook Messenger users take advantage of to spice up their conversations – are now rolling out to a wider audience.You can now easily show your excitement for a post with good news, cheer up a friend who’s feeling down, and express a variety of more nuanced reactions

It has been proven that Emojis can increase open rates in push notifications. A study was done by Lean Plum and App Annie to analyze the open rates of push notifications with and without Emojis. And, surprisingly they found the pros to using Emojis in push notifications on the higher side.

Emojis has proved to be one of the most effective means of nonverbal communication and thus helps in improving customer retention. It denotes a range of emotion that can very well communicate through live chat, social media and so on. Here are 4 reasons why one should use Emojis in customer service:

  1. Emojis help to show empathy
  2. It creates a personalized communication
  3. Reduces negative responses
  4. It helps to connect with millennial

Emojis have become an acceptable form of communication. Include Emojis in your push notification messages, and your users will feel it be a more personalized message and they will respond to it.

With Emoji in push notifications, one can increase the conversion rate. It is one of the benefits of using Emojis for push notifications. According to Neil Patel, there are 4 strategies to integrate Emojis in marketing so that you increase your conversion rate and engagement. And, the prime one is using Emojis in push notifications.

Sending some annoying or irrelevant push notifications can get you unsubscribed because it needs a little effort to change the settings in preferences. You need to rock in sending push notifications using Emojis as a media marketing strategy to drive in conversion. It will personalize your message, increases the message clarity and even conveys the emotion which is impossible using only text!Emojis are great visuals that stay longer with a lasting impression in the minds of the user. Using them in your push notification messages will boost your brand. Yes! Emojis help to boost brand engagement.

These days, almost all brands prefer using emoji marketing as they get instant result. Remember, now we can even order a pizza just by tweeting an emoji! Dominos went far ahead from this perspective.Apart from Dominos, Disney too increased their brand engagement using Emojis. So, while sending push notifications using Emojis, it alternately boosts your brand name and increases brand awareness


IN CONCLUSION, stickers or emotional stickers on Facebook will help you to express your feelings better and also helps you to create interesting writing and box chat with your favourite style. Depending on the chatacter traits of individuals, you can choose icons and stickers appropriately.May you install sucessfully and create the unique impression for each writing .

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