January 26, 2020

Logo f is one of the most well –recognized asset for us. Logo f is used to represent our product( web page or mobile app)

Logo f is one of the most well –recognized asset for us. Logo f is used to represent our product( web page or mobile app)

Facebook introduced a  version of its “f Logo” which is meant to be used to promote an organization’s or person’s presence on Facebook. It’s ubiquitous. Along with the new “f Logo” also comes an official brand page and a revised set of icons for all the different services/pages found throughout the Facebook icon universe.

In the new version the “f” bleeds out and becomes bigger, which is very helpful since people are using the social sharing icons in really tiny dimensions now that there is dozens of icons to share stuff with. What’s more interesting about this whole story is Facebook making a more conscious effort to establish what’s right and wrong since so many people have just grabbed unofficial icons off Google image searches or just created their own and also now that Twitter has upped its game graphically. Facebook can’t rest on its laurels. And for a site that changes design every other month and where every platform experience feels different (and almost alien to each other) perhaps this is a sign that things are about to get more consistent. The icons shown below are also a good indication of a graphic standard being set in place. And that can only be promising.


LOGO f is mainly used to increase the presence of our organization on Facebook. For instance, you can use logo f when saying ‘’ find us on facebook’’ and attack the link to FACEBOOK. Furthemore, logo f also imply the content on Facebook or add your product to Facebook


When represent your presence on Facebook. This logo is one of the easily known brand all over the world and can appear with different sizes . Especially, we ask not to destroy the logo F, simultaneously the accepted brand appear with blue or white  color . We have provided the file of logo f in order for you to download right on the center of brand material


You can use logo F and other social symbols at different times or at the same time . You should use this logo with the same size to other symbols. Be sure to maintain the shape and size, at the same time spend enough space among logos


Abide by the general rules about the should things and shouldn’t thing

  1. Just use logo f to represent
  2. Your presence on facebook for example Personal facebook page, your group or event
  3. Popularize your Facebook page on web
  4. Add your product to facebook, for instance to use with Faebook page
  5. The content origin from facebook icon
  • Let’s add the call button to take action by clear passage which give information about the use of your Facebook ( Ex: Like us on Facebook), with the exception of logo f stand right beside the other social media’symbols
  • When using logo f online, this logo is directly linked to your presence on Facebook


  1. Remember not to change logo f under any circumstances. Take the design, size, or colour for example.If you can not use the appropriate colour because of the limited tech , just use the white or dark colour
  2. Not to create the motive condition or create the real thing attched to the logo f

Not change logo f into the unique point or the most noticeable product which you create

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