January 26, 2020


Facebook icon – We send you a summary of social media icons that are being used regularly. And their funky meaning that the creator wants to convey. These are icons we often see everywhere on social media. Below is the detailed content.


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Face With Tears of Joy on Apple iOS 12.2Laughing Tears (Face With Tears of Joy/ LOL emoji)

Many people mistakenly believe this is a face crying a lot of tears

In fact, It is A yellow face with a open-teeth smile, eyebrows raised and eyes smiling, laughing to tears. Widely used to show something that is very funny and uncontrollable. On the one hand, it is often used in articles with funny troll shapes

Red Heart on Apple iOS 12.2Red Heart

An icon often appears in Playing cards, such as Jack of hearts. An emoticon, used to express love, with red love heart. Display in different shades of red on most digital platforms

This icon is often used in articles that share meaning in life, often articles, images, videos that bring a feeling of warmth, happiness.

Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes on Apple iOS 12.2Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes/Heart Eyes

A yellow face with an open smile, revealed inside the mouth and combined with heart-shaped eyes. It Often conveys passionate emotions into love, infatuation and admiration, for example: I love / am in love with this person or that. Expressing cheerfulness, joy, a feeling, a desire to achieve something


Loudly Crying Face on Apple iOS 12.2 Loudly Crying Face/ Sad Tears – Sobbing

Can convey unspeakable grief but also other intense emotions, such as uncontrollable laughter or overwhelming joy. A yellow face with an open mouth and heavy tears flowing from his closed eyes.

can express emotiosn a bit funny, a little helpless to describe

Unamused Face on Apple iOS 12.2Unamused Face

A yellow face, a frown and eyes looking aside with eyebrows slightly raised, a frown and eyes looking to the side. Can convey a variety of negative emotions, including grimy, grumpy and skeptical, uncomfortable, as if giving one eye. This glance icon is often used at times trolled by trolls, and feels like a laughingstock for people.

Weary Face on Apple iOS 12.2Weary Face/Distraught Face

A yellow face with eyebrows wrinkled, closed eyes, eyebrows wrinkled, and a wide frown, as if distraught to give up. Usually displayed with upper and sometimes tongue teeth.

Conveying many feelings of frustration, sadness, play and affection. Often playful in tone. sometimes feeling groaning.

Smiling Face on Apple iOS 12.2Smiling Face

A classic smiley. A yellow face with a modest smile, closed eyes rosy cheeks, and soft. Many platforms, including Apple, feature relaxed eyebrows. Conveys a wide range of warm, including love, smile sometimes shows, “you look at my face in fun?”

Folded Hands on Apple iOS 12.2Folded Hands

Another popular use for this emoticon is to pray, using the same gesture as a prayer hand. Hands clasped together, which means please or thank you in Japanese culture. Less common: a high year. A previous version of this emoticon displayed a yellow light beam behind two hands on iOS. Android shows a blob character with eyes closed and crossed arms in Android 5.0.

Downcast Face With Sweat on Apple iOS 12.2 Grinning Face With Sweat

There are smiles and eyes like Smiling faces with smiling eyes but with a single, blue sweat, usually on its left eye. Intended to describe the nerves or discomfort but often used to express a close call, as if to say Whew! and wiped sweat from his forehead.

Pleading Face on Apple iOS 12.2Pleading Face

A yellow face with furrowed eyebrows, a small frown, and large, “puppy dog” eyes, as if begging or pleading. May also represent adoration or feeling touched by a loving gesture.


The above is a collection of 10 most popular social network icons according to emojitracker statistics. These icons are constantly being used and dominated in the rankings regularly used by social media.

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